Mar 21, 2010


An the angel in charge of Watercolor Heaven is Hillary(Fosdyck), co-owner of MONARK EVENTS. If you are in need of a FIRST class, over the top event of any description, just Google the company name and you are on your way. I did not include a photo of your hostess because mama says you can't have dessert first. Now-back to me! The Butterfly chairs above were a big hit this year at Art in the Park. I always try to bring Hillary something new and funky for the spring kick-off show on 30-A.
Sorry for not taking enough photos to show the full scope of artists and vendors. I was pre-occupied with the newest member of my sales team--see following photos. The park however was full to overflowing with some of the finest artists to exhibit along 30-A. Many commented that it took a few hours to see everything that MONARK EVENTS had provided.
This bad boy is a new cast aluminum gargoyle that I treated to look like aged bronze with a beautiful green patina. This was my first try at the process and I am proud of it. It won't hurt my feelings at all if LEON does not sell; he can sit on the eve of my house anytime.
Well, this herd of turtles didn't last long at the show. Most were sold and sacked by noon. I knew I should have taken more; my Minnesota customers are wild for turtles and buy all that I bring. The kids naturally know to step on each and every one of them, usually counting as they go. I have fun with adults telling them to step and count while trying not to laugh. I haven't had a "grown-up" yet that could keep a straight face.

Saving the best for last--the youngest son of the youngest son of the youngest son. Confusing I know, but this is my blog so deal with it. The heart breaking three year old is Alex, soon to be the 3rd generation of Glider Guy dynasty. He is shielding his face because as you all know ladies, too much eye candy at one time can be bad for you.


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