Mar 2, 2010


MAN! Does it ever get cold in paradise! This past week-end I headed down to GULF PLACE at Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. Well I'm here to tell you that the phrase, "SUNNY FLORIDA", just wasn't hittin' it that day. It was cold, rainy, and very windy. Everybody including myself had their hands as far down in their pockets to keep warm. I didn't even take any pictures, as I did not want to risk frostbite. "If they don't touch it, they won't buy it", is the standard mantra in this industry.

O.K.--O.K., I'M OVER IT!

Now that I have gotten all that p...... and moaning out of my system, let me give you the good news. First, Gulf Place is a beautiful venue to hold any type event in Santa
Rosa Beach. The developers took great care to give the locals an outlet for anything that can be conceived.
Second, I have done two other shows in the exact same space that I was in Saturday, and I made lots of money.
Third, Santa Rosa Beach, like every other development on 30-A, spares no expense in finding good people to run their shows.

The only uncontrollable variable was, of course, the weather, and anybody in the "business" knows that you have to take it like it comes.

With all the positive things going for it, another event at Gulf Place is sure to be profitable for me. I am waiting to hear what the next thing will be and if I can fit it into my already busy schedule this season.

Stay tuned for an update!


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