Mar 3, 2010


These four ladies, representing the 4 seasons of the year are taken from the original Greek statutes. They are beautiful and cast in my favorite metal--cast iron. Although each one stands just under 5feet tall, they still weigh in at over 400 lbs. each.

The beauty of the condition that they are in now is that there are so many options. Of course you can leave them in their natural state, which in my mind, rust is natural beauty that can not be duplicated.

You can paint an antique white, which from the curb will give the appearance of marble. If displayed from a "drive-by" setting, this could be quite interesting.

The most intense and time consuming is to base coat with, say, flat black. Then an over coat of gold or bronze with a verdigris sponged on will give the look of 4 of the most beautiful bronzes you are likely to see this side of Europe.

They are offered as seen in the photo. Deliver can be arranged. $5500 for the set of 4 is a bargain that I don't often present, but I must admit that I bought them on a whim. I turned around and saw them and just had to buy them. I have not doubt that others will love them as much or more than I. The only possible question would be weight and delivery, a problem that can be solved.

And on the question of mass and logistics, that is part of what makes these beautiful and enchanting ladies so desirable. If anybody could drive down and haul them away in the family SUV, even at the price, well, there would be at least 3 sets in every up-scale neighborhood.

Put them in your secluded garden for tranquil contemplation, or display to be seen from the street to become a local landmark, either way, you know you want them. Remember--I only have the one set!


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