Dec 7, 2009


I had no sooner bragged on how good Clay was at this festival business when it all went to hell in a handbasket. I will say though, he was in an uphill battle with that crowd in LIVE OAK, FLORIDA. Why that bunch would have had Arnold for dinner if they could have figured out how to build a fire.

Any time the people in your booth are wearing "camo" head-to-toe, huntin' boots, a REDMAN CHEWING TOBACCO hat, and juice running out both corners of their mouth--AND THIS IS JUST THE WOMEN--then folks, you are in redneck territory, and I mean deeeeep! The above "Queen" of the festival is exhibit "A". I rest my case.
The poor boy almost froze to death and it was wet too! Still he came home and asked when the next show was and could he do it for me. Just like a TIMEX, "he takes a licking and keeps on ticking". If the weather will co-operate, I will send him to one of my favorite spots, Virginia/Highlands, this coming Saturday to see if his luck changes. At least he won't be 350 miles away from home if he strikes out.
On another note, Arnold keeps having nightmares about this ordeal and I am afraid that I am going to have to send him to counseling. I have been checking around. The hold up is not that he can not get an appointment, seems no one has a couch in his size!

Dec 6, 2009


The Saturday after Thanksgiving is always a date to which the GLIDER FAMILY looks forward. It is the HOLIDAY MARKET at Rosemary Beach, Florida. Many of the Condo owners are there enjoying the holidays and it kicks of the Christmas season in the community.
There are the traditional things like Breakfast with Santa, the lighting of the Christmas Tree (and not a wimp-ass "Holiday Tree"!), and most of all for me, the HOLIDAY MARKET.
The people are in a festive mood and always a happy mood. Who wouldn't be; on the beach-and not just any beach-the EMERALD COAST, Thanksgiving holiday, and a first class festival right outside your door?!
This year was very different from the past. Janice will no longer be able to travel with me, except in my heart, so a dream come true happens. Our youngest son, Clay, asks if I would let him do the show in my place, as I had already paid and also had an order to deliver there.
He as helped me on other shows in the area, the SEASIDE COMMUNITY YARD SALE, held twice a year, being the main ones.
And man is he good at it, if I do say so myself! And another bonus for Janice and I, he took his oldest son, Craig, with him. That made us twice as proud of Clay, for going solo for the first time, AND, taking his 10 year old son to spend time with. I am not sure I could have pulled it off with the level of expertise that he did.
Janice and I hope this is the beginning of "passing the torch"to one of our children. We have sat and talked about this for hours. For your child to want to follow in your footsteps is a most moving personal moment.
We have built-up a business of many repeat customers. It is not uncommon for someone to say, "I bought from you at the festival in Atlanta last month, for example. And the fact that they were happy and want to buy again says a lot to our personal values. To me, those comments are just as important as the actual sales. You can make money lots of ways, but you can only get customer loyalty one way-EARN IT!
Now I am looking forward to Clay returning from a show and say, "I had some customers ask about you, or Someone ask if I was the son of the guy that used to do this show". Ah, now that would be music!