Aug 25, 2011


As many of loyal followers know (those that are on parole and have access to a computer), I deal in yard art. Nothing is too big or too small, too incorrect, jaw-dropping, or just down right fun
Well this T-Rex is just such an example. He(or she) is 9 ft, high and 9 ft. long, just the right size to catch the attention of passing motorists and that piss-ant president of the home-owners association. Depending on where you live, I am sure that "T" violates at least half a dozen zoning codes and probably some state laws as well, all the things that make him(her) a must have for your home.

I have used this THUNDER LIZARD to draw crowds at the festivals that I do from all over the South. I can not count the number of times that I have turned down fair offers for him; I was having too much fun to part with him.

Alas, we have come to the end of an era. I have moved to a new home and there is just no place for him. It is not because of the neighbors or anything like that, the property just is not suited for him to sit level and be the menacing creature that he should be.

I would love to find a good home for the dinosaur. That does not mean I want to give him away, but rather, I have decided to sell the fella for what I gave for him. If you would like to own something that would draw attention to your business, be a great tax deduction, a local landmark, most assuredly increase your traffic flow, then give me a call.

I you know anything about me at all it is DON'T WASTE MY TIME! If you are just curious as to how much it cost, save your phone call, I will only give information to serious inquiries.

Aug 3, 2011


July is not a good time to hold an outdoor festival for the obvious reasons---it is as hot as HELL in mid-town Atlanta! Still, when your friends at AFFPS promote a show, if you are smart, you will attend. Given the fact that Atlanta and the surrounding area have some well established events during "festival season", finding an open date can be a challenge I suppose.

July 23rd and 24th were no exception to the "Hot as Hell" rule. I will admit that I tried several times to talk myself out of signing up for THE FESTIVAL ON PONCE. This was one of many times that I was glad that I did not listen to myself whine about the heat, the unload and load out, etc., etc.

Patrick, Randall, and their staff take very good care of the vendors. They are there to help you put up your tent, provide life-giving coffee and donuts in the mornings and all through the day, the girls are bringing water and snacks to the vendors. They also will provide someone to watch your booth when you need a restroom break. Thanks guys!

As always, I was glad that I attended. I met new friends, received leads to new festivals, and most importantly, I made some money.

The above photo is Robin kissing her new 5ft. Rooster that she bought from me, just minutes before we closed Sunday evening.

If you would like your own Rooster, or any one of several other critters that I carry, please e-mail or phone me.

Remember: Just throw your head back and CROW!

Larry-the glider guy