Apr 4, 2010


This was the kick-off of the CHASTAIN GREEN MARKET in the parking lot of the HORSERADISH GRILL and was it ever good! My good friend, Don(Dog Bowl)Puckett, seen here had to split his inventory and be at the wonderful midtown market at Virginia/Highlands Market as well as the CHASTAIN GREEN MARKET--not an easy feat to be sure.
I, on the other hand, brought the whole freak show with me. Patrick and Randall said to "WOW" the visitors, so I gave it my best shot. I must say that we all were well received by the neighborhood. Randall said many times that they wanted us here and was he ever "on the money". They came out early and in large numbers. They were friendly and excited to know that we would be back every Saturday with new and different things. With the large pool of vendors in the area, it is sure to be a unique mix each time.
Our host, THE HORSERADISH GRILL, in addition to giving the neighborhood a different kind of shopping experience, wanted a strong influence of a GREEN market. He wants to be able to walk into the parking lot and purchase fresh, local produce and serve it to his customers that evening. WOW! The folks in that area are lucky to have a chef/owner with that vision and desire to please his customers. AS the growing season comes into its own, look for this parking lot to be almost overflowing with some of the finest examples of "home grown" to be found anywhere. I will be doing my part to spread the word to my gardening friends that there is a ready market in the Chastain Park area. If any of my readers garden or know someone who does, then contact Patrick or Randall at "info@affps.com" and they will give you all the news.
And last but not least, this is also to help raise funds for the new DOG PARK at Chastain Park, so let's all do our part to help out. You can never have too many good dogs! I don't live in the Buckhead area, but I always want to help a good neighborhood maintain its quality of life. "WHAT GOES AROUND-COMES AROUND"!


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