Oct 20, 2009


Just a little south of the great city of Athens, Georgia-home of the GEORGIA BULLDOGS, is the quaint little southern town of Watkinsville. The third Saturday of October each year is the celebration of the Oconee Fall Festival. The turn out for this annual event is tremendous. I do a lot of shows and I am here to tell you that cities with much larger populations can't match the "SEA OF RED" that I saw last Saturday. This would not be worth mentioning except that there was a steady drizzle/rain all day long. Other festivals only can envy the patriotism of the fans of Watkinsville. I was able to be among the many vendors that huddled under their tents to stay out of the rain. I was fortunate in that in all the bad weather, the crowds were still large enough to give me a profitable day. You can't say that at many shows when the rains come.

So THANK YOU, Watkinsville, and be sure to look for me again next fall.
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