Mar 7, 2013


SEASIDE is a coastal community along County Road 30-A in Walton County, Florida. It is probably midway between Destin and PCB.
Twice a year they hold what is referred to as a "yard sale", but let me tell you, it is like no other you have ever seen.
The SALE only last from 8am until 1pm. That's right, just 5 hours to do your business. And what a business I do.
The pictures of the crowds that you see here are constant from before the 8am start until I have to ASK customers to stop buying. If you don't stop at the cut off time, you will not be allowed back to the next sale.
If you like making money, then going to some really good restaurants as a reward for your hard work, this is the place.
Send me a message sometimes if you would like to know about this exciting place in the sun, sand, and surf!

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