Mar 7, 2013


 To my dismay, I only get to do a show at the beautifully appointed WATERCOLOR Community once a year.
 The third Saturday in March is always circled far in advance of this event. Although not really "Florida Weather" just yet, it is a far cry from the chilly conditions in the Metro Atlanta region.
 The ladies of MONARK EVENTS  have everything planned out and in place when we show up. At this show I do not even have to worry with a tent, table, or chair! They have all that already in place with plenty of extra room in the bargain.
 As I have gotten older, I have cut back on the number of out of town trips that I make for show. But, if I could do a show at Watercolor once a month, I would be there, and probably the first one in line! It is just that good.
 The customers that I have met there are unlike most other shows. These people know that they can afford my pieces and do not play games like those who just wished they could.
 It is either buy or not buy, and either way, they are very complimentary and I have been thanked often for coming to them and giving them a chance to buy unusual items without them having to travel to look.
It takes a little getting used to; having people thanking you for taking their money, but I have managed to take care of it. Google: WATERCOLOR, FL. for a truly relaxing vacation spot. It may be a little pricy, but you will get what you pay for--you can thank me later.

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