Nov 22, 2009


Here we are at Watercolor, Florida for another wonderful festival. ARNOLD, THE PIG can be seen helping Linda and Mitch Shannon of and myself set up.We always try to get ajoining spaces to help each other load and unload, but more importantly, to blend our merchandise to have the most interesting display of the whole show.
The FLUTTERBY FESTIVAL is a children's festival to celebrate the annual migration of the monarch butterfly as it passes through on it way to winter in central Mexico.
Watercolor is known for its ability to produce a very good festival, with entertainment and food that is unbeatable along 30-A. This is all made possible by the hard work of Hillary Fosdyck and Briane Workman of These two women are masters at what they do. Give them a call if you having an event in the area and want it to
be the most memorable possible.

Linda is in her "mirror" phase as an artist. She had at least 10 mirrors on display and no two are ever alike, as they all are custom made one at a time from reclaimed items.
NOTE the one with piano keys!
If you ever get tired of the "boxed" motel/hotel experience, come to WATERCOLOR, FLORIDA. You will never go anywhere else.

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