Nov 1, 2009


Chuck Hinson of HILLTOP PRODUCTIONS has done it again folks! The 1st Annual HARVEST MARKET of Rosemary Beach, Florida was held Oct. 31st. and despite the few little showers that came and went, the show was a great success for me and Janice.Yes, I got to take Janice with me, which seldom seems to happen. We put Susie in the kennel for a well deserved rest and Janice and I took the whole weekend for ourselves. I thought it was illegal for "working people" to sleep past 8am. Guess not!
The HARVEST MARKET was held in the same location as the WEST INDES MARKET and the HOLIDAY MARKET. The number of vendors was less than at other markets: it could have been due to it being new or the unfavorable weather forecast. Either way there were enough vendors to give the crowd a good selection to browse through and buy.
Janice had us running to the ever popular
WAL-MART to buy candy to hand out to the kids
that would attend the market. She had also
planned ahead and brought her scarecrow costume
to wear.
She can be seen in the second photo posing with
guest celebrity "Arnold the Pig". Arnold as you
may recall was the lead pig on the old TV show

Here Arnold is talking with the Scarecrow and trying to get some of the free candy that Chuck had thoughtfully given to each vendor to be sure to have treats for the kids. That Chuck thinks of everything!
I want to stop here and personally thank Chuck for being so kind to some new vendors to the show. They needed to set-up next to me to help me unload and then re-load after the show. Chuck said, "No problem". Trust me readers, you don't get that from many promoters.

These are the 7ft.6in. TOY SOLDIERS that Janice makes. They are impressive and have great curb appeal at Christmas time. We have a few left and if you would like some, let me know as some as possible, as it takes a long time to get these guys ready to send out the door.

Joe, my son "the chief lineman" at the glider shop, got this BUNTING WHEAT PATTERN ready the day before we left to go to the show. That kid is amazing at times.
Be sure to check the left hand side of the blog page for updates on coming Rosemary Beach shows, as well as all the other shows that we do.
"Arnold the Pig" and I will be looking for you there!
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